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Dacal DC-300 Interface (Locked)
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Registered: December 27, 2006
Posts: 3
Ok, I just found the file on the Dacal.tw site. Does anyone know if they have a .NET naitive API...or...if there's documentation on what the current API does (or if there's a source somewhere) so I can write my own API?

Registered: December 27, 2006
Posts: 2
Quoting GoldenHorn:

I loaded the DACAL software and there's no file called usbcddll.dll on my machine. Do you know where I can get this file?

Also, can you put me in contact with the person who has instructions on using the API?


If you download this plugin for Xlobby, it has the .dll file included.


BTW - I've been able to get Xlobby to activate the Dacal DC-101 through the DVD library of Xlobby (using the DVD profiler import utility).
Registered: January 30, 2004
Posts: 132
Quoting marylander:
wuffzack -

I downloaded your software and I'm not sure how to operate it.  I have DVD Profiler running in the background with a few discs defined in the database with the unit # and slot # entered.  How do I get the Dacal to find those discs?  Do I need to add "USBCDChanger.exe" to DVD Profiler somehow?


First you must start USBCDChanger.exe (add a shortcut to your startup folder).
In the "Personalize" window of DVD profiler add changer & slot to location, e.g.:
meaning changer 1 disc 101
meaning changer 4 disc 108

The "Slot" field is not used, only the "Location" field.

Close the personalize DVD window.
Select the title you want to locate in DVD profiler.
Now press CTRL-ALT-C, the disc will be selected. If the disc is not found, the personalize window will open and you can add the location.
The Hotkey can be altered in the .ini file.
CTRL-ALT-P will open the personalize window for easy data entry.
Hope this helps!
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Registered: April 9, 2007
Posts: 1
We have developed a software product to use with DACAL DC-300 devices.

It is a movie catalog software called All My Movies. You can read more here:

I think it is an offtopic here, so please discuss All My Movies at Bolide Software forums.
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