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Reports printing with BLACK BOXES? (Locked)
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Registered: May 12, 2005
Posts: 8
I am in the process of printing out a coffee table binder for my collection, and each time I print a page... one or more of the images don't print. For example, one time it was the PG-13 logo that just came up as a black box each time it was supposed to be shown. Another time, it was a cover image, and then the PG rating logo.

WHAT GIVES?? I'm wasting so much paper and ink trying to get a page with no errors.

(The report generated is free of errors, and all images show up... the problem is only when printing.)
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You could try to install CutePDF and print to it to generate a PDF file and then try to print this PDF file.
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Wow, this error didn't come up in a while...

Anyway, according what I found in the
Image printing problem with McNasty's Blend (V 1.0) report
Black covers and Coffee Table Book w/Chick Flick reports.
threads, often a simple restart of the computer will help.l
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