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Reassign collection numbers (Locked)
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Registered: January 27, 2003
Posts: 42
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New request.

Wold it be possible to have the option to reassign collection numbers using the tags and the flags?

In other words:

I need to reassign numbers in a particular order.
I have tagged my dvd's in specific categories, now I can flag them and have only those showing up. I would like to reassign them the numbers automatically, by giving it the 1st. number to start with and so forth.

And why not have the diferent (tagged) categories ordered in a specific way that it could then be used for reassigning the collection numbers.

Email me or PM me if you need further explanation of this feature.


Registered: July 25, 2002
Posts: 4
While waiting for a Palm Pilot version of the application, I had to export the vital info and create myself a database... Now I have to maintain 2 databases

In the process I ended up renumbering my DVDs by hand... but now I can't figure out a way of telling DVD Profiler the real numbers of my collection (I made nice paper IDs inserted under the keep-cases plastic sheet).  Does anybody know how to give DVDs numbers by hand?

Thanks in advance.
Registered: January 2, 2002
Posts: 4,125
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Right click the title, select personalise and then type the number you want into the collection number field.

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Registered: January 21, 2004
Posts: 3
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In this feature is there a way to have the radio buttons changed to the one's I always use when the info window pops up for reassignment?  It seems to be automatically enabled in a certain preference and I wondered if I can get it to revert to the last setting I selected. (Mainly because that's the only setting I opt for)
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