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is there a skin that shows large cover images? [from a newbie] (Locked)
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Registered: June 21, 2006
Posts: 1
Does anybody use a skin that is posted in the downloads that has large cover images? If so what is it called so that I can search and download it? I would find this quite useful, if anyone can help.

I have downloaded the english version of the "Palace" one, which I like, as it's a bit easier for a beginner, I just wanted one with bigger images that I could switch to whilst I was downloading to make sure I had the right covers [I get free loans from my work, so, when I order the DVD, I haven't got the UPC, but I can see the covers on our website].

thanx, Laura

I did search the forum first, but got 2047 matches back...

Also, some of the 71 pages of downloadable skins don't have screenshots, so I could be missing just the right one!
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Registered: April 21, 2003
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U can easy make your own!
1.Goto your skin file copy your fav skin and rename it!(I renamed mine Large images!)
We r gonna be editing our own so its safer to experiment on a copy
2.Start profiler and select your new skin(Large images!) and select edit!
3.Select content tab! and look for following very close to top:-
<DP NAME="IMAGE" WIDTH="236" FACE="front">
<!-- End of Picture --->

<!--- Back picture here --->
<DP NAME="IMAGE" WIDTH="236" FACE="back">
<!-- End of Picture --->

4.Change Width values "236" to say "400" and select save and close!
Click on o.K and ull see your new edited bigger picture skin!
If its not big enough try a larger number ! 500 looks big enought to me but I guess it depends on what skin u r using!
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Registered: April 26, 2003
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You could try "RHo big cover" from the download section or from my web site.
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