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Hard Disk dvd Organiser (Locked)
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Walter Heitz
DVD Profiler Mobile
Registered: January 29, 2002
Posts: 5
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Quoting smeehrrr:
I use Xlobby for the front end, and Zoomplayer to actually play the content.


Thanks, My 3.5TB Server will allow me to store 400 DVDs I have a Raid 5 system and should have no pb should a crash happens, Thanks again to all
Registered: April 14, 2007
Posts: 2
Quoting Walter Heitz:

Some of us have so many dvds that they start placing those onto hard disk for easier use and storage place pb.
Could it be possible to add this into dvd profiler and maybe add another option to start the dvd through other program.


Hi Walter, Before reading this post I spent several hours finding a solution for just this problem.  First let me say I’m trying out DVD Profiler to see if it’s easier than my current method. 

I use VLC media player to watch my hard drive dvds (all my media actually) because it can be pointed to the folder containing the files, skip though to the main menu and start there in full screen mode.  I also have it to where the controls open on 1 monitor and the playback opens on another which is sometime attached to my lcd projector. 

To play movies I make a playlist (.m3u) for each dvd, I then built a HTML page with the titles of my movies linking to the playlist files.  I also have a link to the imdb that pops up with the movies page.  All I have to do to watch a movie is click on it’s title and the movie opens up full screen at the main menu.  The only problem is editing the html code every time I add a new movie.

The solution I finally came up with for DVD Profiler was to put the html code linking to each playlist into the notes area of the personalize DVD option.  You have to go into options and check allow html first.  I then edited the DVD Express skin to show the notes at the top of the page as well as the bottom.  Actually I replaced the banner at the top of the page with the notes.  Now there is the DVD title at the top of each page that when clicked plays the movie just like my other HTML page did. 

It’s still a lot of work adding new movies but now there are all the programs feature as well.  Maybe someone who knows html better than I can let us know a simpler way.  Hope this helps.

Hi again, I’ve been messing with this some more today and I’ve figured out how to get the html link into the skin using the dp codes.  Now when I add a new DVD The link to open it is automatically generated.  All I have to do now is create the playlist (.m3u) file.  This is soooo much easier.  Let me know if your interested and I’ll upload the skin and the info.
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