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DVD Changer support (Locked)
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Elmer Millikan
Registered: November 6, 2002
Posts: 2
Has anyone discussed the ability for a plug-in (or natively) for DVDP to interrogate the Sony dvd changer via rs232 to determine it's contents like the Escient and numerous other offerings out there?

It would be invaluable to auto inventory the changer contents and not have to bar code each and every disc.

Registered: January 18, 2001
Posts: 1,616
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This has been discussed many times and it doesn't look like it's gonna happen.  You want it for your Sony changer, others want it for their Pioneer, Panasonic, Yamaha etc.  In order to be fair with all users they would have to make it for every changer available on the market, that's just not possible.

What would be nice though is if IVS came up in a future version with support for us to develop our own plugins.
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