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CD DVD Backup (Locked)
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Registered: October 16, 2004
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Most new computers do not come with a floppy drive they only have a CD or DVD, it would be of great value if we could backup to disk, its not always safe to copy to a hard drive as you would know if you have ever had one crash.
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Registered: October 4, 2000
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You already can do it, all you have to od is chosse where you want the backup file saved. I use several different forms of backup for security reasons, and it's all in where I tell it to go.

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I must say I've never tried to backup directly to a CD but all you need to do is burn your backup file to one if you can't.

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Registered: January 18, 2001
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DVD Profiler doesn't support CD/DVD Burners, I just tried it and get a 'cannot create file' error.  You have to put your backup somewhere on your hard disc and then burn it to a CD as lithurge said.
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Registered: February 20, 2002
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Actually, you need a CD packet writer installed on your PC. Windows XP doesn't come with one by default. This allows you to "drag-n-drop" (like a floppy) files onto a CD-ROM. The CD drive becomes one big floppy drive (also called 'drive letter access').

In general, most programs will then allow you to write directly to the CD. Some programs may still refuse to write to the CD with a packet writer installed.
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