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Personlized DVD Profiler? (Locked)
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Registered: March 20, 2003
Posts: 17
First of all: excellent program. Don´t know how I could live without it.
My question is, coulde there be a feature (or a complete seperate part) that enables the user to enter personalized entries in the program, this without posting it on My Profile on the net. There could be a tag the user could apply to prohibit it from be posted on the net. I´m of course talking about homemade movies, tv-shows recorded on dvd, old vhs movies, and so on. Also there should be a feature for entering vhs- movies ( God knows I have a *#$@$load of those).
First think, then talk.
Registered: May 29, 2000
Posts: 6,245
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You could adjust your settings in the Parentol Control section (in the program and here on the site under My Profiler so that "Adult" titles are not shown. Then you set the profiles you don't want to be seen online to "Adult" (not saying they are...) and they should no longer be visible.
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