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Contradictory New Feature Request (Locked)
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Registered: April 14, 2007
Posts: 2
I just purchased DVD Profiler and I am loving it though the feature request I have may seem a bit strange.  I would actually like to have a DVD Profiler without as many features. 

What I actually mean is, I know most users probably use all the handy features in the program but I only use it as a catalog where I can look at what’s available and have all the info handy.  So there are some things I will never use and would like to have the ability to remove from the GUI to make more room for the index and the info. 

For instance, I could do without the “All”, “Ordered”,”Wish List” tabs as well as the “Filters” and “Set Tags” drop boxes.  Also the status bar could go since I don’t loan out my DVDs and I don’t really use the toolbar that much either now that I have my collection loaded.

I’m certainly not suggesting remove these feature from the program but adding a page in the options menu.  There you could put a check in front of the features you do want displayed and the user could create his own balance of quick access vs. real estate. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my request.
Registered: January 2, 2002
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You may want to head over to www.invelos.com, I don't think you'll see any more work done on version 2.4 or the 2.5 beta.

Best place to start is here as there are several pinned threads explaining what's going on.

It's possible some of what you're requesting can be done by editing the skin of either version of Profiler, although I've not really played about with that myself.

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You know you can set the left pane to Thumbnail View, and resize that pane to take half or more of the screen real estate don't you.

I just tested, with thumb size tiny, 11 per row 10 rows give me a display of 110 covers, (that takes about half the witdth of the screen on a 17" 1280x1024 setting) with decent sized display area still remaining to see the features and cast/crew or cover images. You can scoot it over to display 12 per row, but the cast/crew gets a little crunched.
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