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The InterVocative forums are now closed to new postings.

Please visit the Invelos forums at www.invelos.com for DVD Profiler and related discussion.

These forums will remain available for reading indefinitely.

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DVD Profiler 3.0, Invelos.com (Locked)
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The problem is that many people without any programming knowledge assume it is free to support old operating systems.

They simply do not realize the time it takes - time the developer can choose to compensate for in two ways:
1) Hire someone, increasing the price of the software to cover extra cost.
2) Drop product quality (testing) or implementing fewer features.

In both cases, all the other users end up paying - combined far more than the cost of the updates the few have to do. But people in general do not know this. They are ignorent of the increased productivity associated with dropping an outdated platform and beleive old platforms are dropped simply because the developer thinks it doesn't matter to support them.

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