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Copy DVD option (Locked)
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Registered: May 1, 2007
Posts: 115
I'm facing a problem of productivity when introducing a collection where for each DVD I should reenter all teh common stuff (crew, actors, release date, languages,...)
A copy DVD option will be really a booster...
Registered: January 2, 2002
Posts: 4,125
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First, if you use XP or above, you should head over to www.invelos.com and download version 3.

Secondly you can copy and past cast and crew from existing profiles. Download the profile with the info you need, edit the cast or crew in the normal way but right click in the right hand window (that shows the cast/crew). This brings up the copy option.

Repeat in your new profile, but use the paste option.

Alternatively you can add an existing profile, then change it's region,  locality and EAN etc...

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